Denim on Denim

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Isn’t denim just the most amazing fabric out there? It’s versatile, it’s tough, it’s durable, it’s easy to work with, it’s fashionable, it’s warm, the list is endless!
Denim started out being worn by workers, a very long time ago due to it’s durability and it’s tough texture.

Denim is a staple garment that everyone owns.
Nowadays everywhere you go , you see a lot of denim – on the streets, in magazines & in almost every store. One of my favorite Denim stores is Pepejeans, I love how the jeans fit me, it makes my booty look good!
We all know denim never dies, that’s a fact!




love & kiss


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Hello Guys, My name is Princess Alpha from the Netherlands. I am 19 years old and I am following a course JeanSchool a vocational Education in Amsterdam. I am a traveler , I love being in different places and seeing different cultures. I have passion for fashion and also love creating things and Creative people. for more information please do not hesitate to contact me

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