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To be honest my 2016 started great, I am doing well at school and at the same time I was really struggling to find an amazing photographer and guess what? I FOUND HER! It was really random how it all started, I was asking some photographers that I know if any of them have time to be my photographer for my blog and no one could which I understand because everyone is busy nowadays. but randomly got in a conversation with this girl that leaves near by my house and I explained my plan and she was really excited about collaborating with me , she also love fashion and we both attend school in Amsterdam but follows different course. Her name is Roswitha Verwer and she is studying ‘’Branding at AMFI’’, so Roswitha and I will be working together she will be shooting my pictures and of course you will be seeing her on my blog also. Do you want know more about her? check her Instagram and mine @roswitha_ @vesthetics   follow us!




If you have any questions or want to collaborate, feel free to contact me:

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Hello Guys, My name is Princess Alpha from the Netherlands. I am 19 years old and I am following a course JeanSchool a vocational Education in Amsterdam. I am a traveler , I love being in different places and seeing different cultures. I have passion for fashion and also love creating things and Creative people. for more information please do not hesitate to contact me

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