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As I posted that a website called Dresslink is sponsoring me and that I had place my order. Well guess what? I just receive my order and I am so happy with the things I got from them. One of my placement was this bodysuit with an open back, you can combine it with everything you like and specially because it in black that makes it more easier . I combine the bodysuit with jeans and a denim coat, also I combined it with a high waist skirt. so it can be used for casual occasion or for parties with some simple accessories can make a difference so it depends on what you prefer.  As you can see I only use one picture because I think that this picture has such a power in it that I didn’t want to take that away. So if you want to see it with a denim coat , check my Instagram @vesthetics also don’t forget to check out my amazing photographer’s Instagram @roswitha_

also check the website and shop your own body con for a cheap price!


Brand: Dresslink

Party Dress:
$0.01 Items:
Free Shipping Items:

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Hello Guys, My name is Princess Alpha from the Netherlands. I am 19 years old and I am following a course JeanSchool a vocational Education in Amsterdam. I am a traveler , I love being in different places and seeing different cultures. I have passion for fashion and also love creating things and Creative people. for more information please do not hesitate to contact me

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